Everyone around seems more interested in the happenings on the wedding night than the wedding itself but unfortunately, those details cannot (or should not) be divulged. So if you came back expecting those details, you can leave now so I can proceed with the more ‘boring’ details :)

The wedding ceremony and lunch followed by the jhooti fiasco finished up by 3pm and the reception wasn’t until 7:30pm. We couldn’t take Ash ‘home’ since we weren’t home and Ginger wouldn’t give us our room until the next morning. We were booked for the night at Mayfair anyway. So post-wedding, I crashed in my brother’s room as we watched Lake Placid on Star Movies. Not exactly what you thought I would be doing after the wedding, eh? I wondered if the choice of the movie was a harbinger of things to come. Poor Ash on the other hand had to report for her makeup session couple of hours before the reception so she stayed put with her parents at Mayfair. Rest of our guests either snored away their afternoons or headed out to the city for some more shopping. Frankly, I couldn’t understand how could you continue shopping in a city not really known as a shopper’s paradise. These folks would go berserk in Dubai or Singapore. Probably they already had. Shopping, I feel, is more of a social activity that women enjoy whereas men have specific objectives when they are out to buy something.

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