Beam me up, Scotty — soon to be a reality?

Thank your friends if you are celebrating your hundredth birthday.

Another great use of Google Maps.


Can we get these lions to live in each of Indian villages where child marriages are still rampant?

The 50 most-shoplifted articles. Obviously, pharmaceuticals top the list

Although it is written in sand, Jesus Loves You. And we get pissed because someone puts images of Hindu gods on underwear; I still would be.

Gosh! This promises to be HUGE.

You wouldn’t want to take this work home with you [MOV link]. Heck, the ad works.

It is the season of pointing to commencement addresses. Will Farrell’s 2003 commencement address at Harvard rock? Yes, it will and it did. Sorry, bad joke (to those who got it!).

Roger Cohen makes a case for Eumerica.

It is official. China will not allow readers to read my blog; or for that matter, all Typepad blogs.

This might be a way to remember old Bollywood hits; quirky as they may seem.

All of New York City under a WiFi network?

Certainly one of the essays that keep us smiling and eternally hopeful in the age of wars.

The New Yorker is selling a limited edition set of 8 DVDs containing every page of the magazine from its inception in February 1925 to February 2005.

Number of children in a neighborhood and scratched DVDs (from Blockbuster) that skip have a positive correlation?