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this blog will have its 100,000 visitor (or page view) sometime today since it was launched in June 2003. Now, this would be significant achievement since the first website I designed (in 1996) attracted a mere 500 visitors before I pulled it down. But after I read this report and then this one, I felt very small indeed. I guess I am. For comparison sake, Instapundit logs in 100,000 hits in approximately 16 hours and Daily Kos just needs little more than 5 hours.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for dropping by; I’ll take my hundred thousand any day.


  1. Coooool Pat…Congratulations man!

  2. Gabby – Thanks.

  3. rocking!! Congrats, dude!

  4. Spaceman – Thanks, dude.

  5. kool che!;)

  6. I’m so glad that you stayed that long. It was a great journey to this day. If not for you, who else would be my bakra? Congrats Patty!

  7. Congrats, Pat!

  8. Soleil, Alpha, Parmanu – Thanks.

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