New Yorker Dad Parenting

Perhaps the title is a little too early but there is plenty of truth in this article and it is slowly seeping into the pop culture through TV shows like, Up All Night. It is not applicable to our household although before we had Ruan and when blogging was more fun (and popular), I had joked quite a few times that I would be glad to stay at home and blog while she can earn the big bucks. Of course, taking care of a kid especially in its first year is not an easy task and I probably wouldn’t do it on my own. But this following excerpt made me laugh because even if you are not a full-time parent, it happens all the time:

“We were walking through the park, and I had a nice alliterative line drop into my head, so I pulled out my phone, opened up the tiny little word editor, trying to frantically type this good line. And of course, as soon as I opened my phone, she wants to show me this bug that she has found.”

(Via NY Times)