India Poised?

Via Amit’s India Uncut, I found this new feel-good movie on India i.e. the Bharat Bala kinds. Although Amit rants on the cliches galore in the advertisement, I found it decent. But then again, Amitabh might say “chickenshit” and yet it may sound impressive. At least, the short movie tries to put into words the conflict of two Indias that the Congress used so effectively to dampen BJP’s India Shining campaign. Heck, according to John Edwards there are even two Americas.

As a matter of fact, there will be alway two of anything as disparities are a reality of our existence. In fact, one of my fiscally conservative colleagues mentioned that such disparities are important in order to motivate individuals on one side to move to the other through sheer hard work. I may not completely agree on such simplistic justification because of sheer lack of opportunities but that is a whole different post.

Leash distinctions apart, did anyone notice that Amitabh was standing on the Worli-Mahim sea link that has been lying incomplete for years. Was that backdrop used deliberately to underline the dilemma of two Indias? Or which India does that unfortunate project belong to? Or do both Indias swear off it?

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  1. The worli sealnk is a perfect example, (just looking at it) one india wants to cross over/reach out , the other won’t let it..

    for people who dont know how long it’s been in the works, it could probably indicate the ‘moving forward’ part.

    I liked the movie, and if there is one thing common in both the Indias it is the cliche disease anyway. :)

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